uvex sportstyle RX

Prescription sports glasses

In nature or in the city. During training or leisure time. Sharp vision is essential. This ensures safety, improves performance and enables you to achieve your best. uvex sportstyle RX prescription sports glasses are the ideal companion for whatever you have planned. The collection includes full-frame versions for direct prescription lenses (RXd / RXc) as well as rimless versions for indirect prescription lenses (RXi / RXs) with the innovative uvex clipnetic® technology. Materials finished to a high quality, innovative technologies and state-of-the-art safety standards offer the best protection. And the excellent design ensures the perfect look. See more. Accomplish more. Safety while you perform. Summer and winter: perfect visibility for your sport.

direct glazing
indirect glazing

Summer and winter:
perfect visibility for your sport.

See more. Accomplish more. Safety while you perform. When playing sport and when relaxing. The uvex sportstyle RX offers different frames and filters for your sporting activity. Optimal protection. 365 days a year.

Your sporting activity – your uvex sportstyle RX

uvex sportstyle RXd / RXc

engineered in germany

uvex sportstyle RXd / RXc

direct glazing

The highly curved frame design gives a good fit and provides optimal protection against wind and airborne particles. For the glazing of the wrap-around style frames, we use HD lenses made from extremely impact-resistant plastic materials and with the corresponding base curve. To ensure an unrestricted field of vision, the angle of inclination in front of the eye is also taken into account when calculating the prescription data. The lenses are then custom made with the resultant compensatory values. Further individual parameters such as vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt and head / body position during sporting activity may be taken and directly incorporated into the lens.

Direct glazing

RXd/RXc Modells

New uvex sportstyle RXc 4200
uvex sportstyle RXd 4003
uvex sportstyle RXd 4006
uvex sportstyle RXd 4001
uvex sportstyle RXd 4003 planet
New uvex sportstyle RXd 4007
uvex sportstyle RXd 4001 planet
uvex sportstyle RXd 4004
engineered in germany

uvex sportstyle RXi / RXs



uvex sportstyle RXi / RXs


The revolutionary clipnetic technology (patent pending) allows fast and easy magnetic fitting of prescription lenses into the uvex sportstyle RX frames. The prescription lens can be fitted and removed with just one hand, which makes cleaning the glasses and the prescription lenses easy. The uvex RXi models come with a removable nose bridge. This allows the glasses to be used with prescription lenses or contact lenses.

Indirect glazing

RXi/RXs Modells

uvex sportstyle RXs 4300
uvex sportstyle RXi 4103
uvex sportstyle RXs 4301
uvex sportstyle RXi 4104
New uvex sportstyle RXs 4302


Lens tech
Everything in view: on trails, on runs, outdoors and during leisure.

Lens technology is the brand DNA of uvex.
Based on in-house engineering and inhouse production. High-tech products, quality and perfect vision are guaranteed.


uvex sportstyle RX:
Prescription sports eyewear.

  • Sports glasses – individually adapted to the wearer's prescription
  • High-definition (HD) prescription safety lenses with the latest Freeform technology
  • Perfect vision right to the edge


uvex polavision®:
glare-free and relaxed on the go.

  • Reduces distracting reflections
  • Relaxes eyes and minimises glare
  • For more detail even in low light conditions


uvex variomatic®:
ultimate comfort.

  • Automatic, continuous self-tinting
  • Three levels of protection in a single pair of glasses (cat. 1 – 3)
  • From light to dark in a few seconds


uvex colorvision®:
wow-factor included.

  • Ultimate contrast enhancement
  • Maximum colour recognition
  • 100 % UVA, UVB and UVC protection up to 400 nm

uvex colorvision®

More contrast. More detail.
See more.

uvex colorvision® lens technology is designed specifically for the visual requirements and light conditions of different surroundings and sports.

CV 1

uvex colorvision ® outdoor

Improved depth perception through the optimised contrast makes potholes, boulders or dangerous uneven ground more visible. High contrast – more detail.

Mountainbike // Climbing // Trailrunning

CV 2

uvex colorvision ® daily

The daily colour filter makes your everyday life a whole new experience. Natural colours are rendered more clearly and shine with a new brilliance. Comfortable, stylish, trendy.

Running // Bike // Water Sports

CV 3

uvex colorvision ® urban

The urban colour filter helps to quickly identify traffic lights or Quickly detect brake lights to improve your reaction time. See better, react faster, ride safely.

E-Bike // Road Bike // City Running

CV 4

uvex colorvision ® nature

The nature colour filter makes outdoor sport a new experience. Clear contours and the colour brilliance of nature in all its splendour are elevated. Sharp vision. Strong colours. More detail.

Golf // Hiking // Winter Sports

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